What Is Farnborough Like To Live In?


What Is Farnborough Like To Live In?

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Farnborough is situated in Hampshire, England’s most northern county. Domesday Book of 1086 mentions the town from Saxon times. The town is located just above the South Downs National Park, just a 20-minute drive from its neighbouring city Guildford.

As it takes you just over an hour to reach the centre of London from Farnborough, it’s a great place to live if you want to escape the hustle and bustle of the big city but still need to be close to work.

Population of Farnborough

The 2011 census reported that there were 65,034 people living in Farnborough. Within the town, the ratio of females to males is almost 50/50, with females slightly ahead at 50.1%.

Real Estate in Farnborough

According to Zoopla, the price of a detached house in Farnborough is currently £511,247 on average. For detached homes in Farnborough, the value change shows a positive 6.40 per cent.

Farnborough’s semi-detached properties are valued at £350,816. Again, Zoopla estimates a healthy increase of 6.28% in semi-detached home values.

Terraced homes tend to be cheaper than their semi-detached counterparts as the average price paid is £292,813 for a terraced home. According to Zoopla, a terraced house in Farnborough is currently worth £277,850 on average. This represents an increase of 3.31%!

Flats in Farnborough are currently worth £212,162. Zopla estimates the current average value to be £214,310 with a change of 2.53%, which is a rise of approximately 5k.

The average property in Farnborough rents for £951per month. This number changes on whether you are just looking for a room £538, a flat £940 or a whole house for £1,185.

Farnborough – Safety Wise

According to police.uk, Farnborough had 92 crimes reported during September 2020. Twenty-five reports of violent and sexual crimes were reported during September in Farnborough, followed by 19 reports of antisocial behaviour reports and 16 reports of shoplifting. In Farnborough, there have been 66 burglaries in the past year.

Where is the best place to live in Farnborough?

The following are the two best places to live in Farnborough.

Empress Park 

The Empress Park area has many detached houses. Several good schools are located nearby, as well as a train station, a supermarket and a rugby and tennis club! In November 2020, Zoopla estimates the average value of a property on Empress Avenue to be £716,180.

Farnborough Park

The neighbourhood is dotted with luxury detached homes, as well as less expensive semi-detached properties. The area also features a few aviation museums, a big supermarket such as Asda and Sainsburys, a playing field, and a couple of good schools. In this area (Hilder Gardens specifically), Zoopla estimates the average value of a home to be around £630,000.

It is relatively easy to travel in and around Farnborough because of its proximity to London, the M3 and the A331.

Trains in Farnborough

Three train stations serve Farnborough. These are Farnborough, Farnborough North, and Frimley. London Waterloo is just over half an hour away from Farnborough train station.

Airport near Farnborough

Despite its aviation roots, Farnborough is only 17.9 miles away from London Heathrow, which takes 30 minutes to reach by car. There is also Farnborough Airport.

Schooling in Farnborough

There are 44 schools and colleges in the Farnborough/Aldershot area. Including Farnborough College of Technology, North and South Farnborough Infant Schools, 17 schools were rated ‘Outstanding’ by Ofsted. University-level degrees are available within Farnborough itself at the University Centre Farnborough (UCF) and slightly further away at the University of Surrey.

Shopping in Farnborough

Princes Mead Shopping Centre offers everything you need in Farnborough. Besides the over 30 shops here, there are plenty of restaurants so you can eat and rest between shopping. Asda and Sainsbury’s supermarkets are located within walking distance of Princes Mead.


Farnborough offers a good lifestyle balance for those who require good amenities close to their homes and need to commute into London.

London Waterloo is less than 46 minutes away during peak times, and the M3 is easy to access. Known mostly for its biennial Farnborough International Airshow, Farnborough attracts over 80,000 visitors from over 96 countries every two years!

Farnborough has a lot of parks, play areas, and community sports clubs, so getting outdoors to breathe fresh air is easy. Although Farnborough does not have an exciting town centre, it does provide all the basic amenities you will need.

Nevertheless, if you want more shopping and eateries, you can travel 20 minutes to Guildford, which has a larger population. Overall, Farnborough is an ideal place to live in the UK. If you enjoyed our blog post, then leave us a comment. The office staff at Fortis Roofing Farnborough always love to respond to comments!

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