Can a leak cause a roof to collapse? UK


Have you ever felt the weight of a leaking roof? It may seem like a minor inconvenience, but a leak can have devastating consequences. In the year 2023, the UK is no exception to this risk. We’ll explore the impact of leaks on roof structures and the signs of structural damage caused by them. Importantly, […]

What is the most affordable choice for a flat roof? UK

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Looking for the most cost-effective option for your flat roof in the UK? In 2023, you want to ensure you’re getting the best value for your money. Well, look no further. This article will provide you with expert advice and practical tips on the cheapest flat roofing options available. From EPDM to PVC, we’ll explore […]

What is the difference between a rooflight and a skylight? UK

Roofing_Farnborough Roof windows and skylights

Did you know that in the UK, rooflights and skylights are becoming more and more popular for increasing the amount of natural light in homes? But what exactly is the difference between the two? We will explain it to you. We will discuss the definitions, design and installation differences, and considerations for UK homes. By […]

What is the difference between a skylight and a Velux window? UK


Looking to let in some natural light and fresh air? Wondering what distinguishes a skylight from a Velux window? Look no further! In this piece, we’ll explore the key differences between these two popular options. From materials and design to installation and placement, we’ll cover it all. Not only will you gain a deeper understanding, […]

What is the life expectancy of a lead roof? UK


Curious about the lifespan of a lead roof? In the UK, the average life expectancy of a lead roof is a topic of interest. Let’s explore the factors that affect its lifespan, signs of wear and tear to look out for, and crucial maintenance tips to extend its life. By understanding the future outlook for […]

What time of year is cheapest to replace roof? UK

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Looking to save some cash on a roof replacement in the UK? Wondering when the best time of year is to get the job done without breaking the bank? Well, you’re in luck! We’ll reveal the secrets to finding the cheapest time to replace your roof in 2023. From spring to winter, we’ll explore the […]

Can you live in a house while the roof is replaced? UK

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Wondering if you can stay in your house while the roof is being replaced? Yes, you can! We’ll guide you through the process and provide practical tips to help you maintain a comfortable living environment during the roof replacement. From exploring temporary accommodations to safeguarding your belongings, we’ve got you covered. Let’s dive in and […]

What to ask a roofer before hiring? UK

Roofing_Farnborough roof replacement

Are you planning to hire a roofer for your upcoming project in the UK? Before making a decision, it is important to ask the right questions. In this guide, we will guide you through the essential questions you should ask to ensure you choose the best roofer for your needs. We will cover everything from […]

What is the main drawback of using a flat roof? UK

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Imagine constructing your dream home, a cosy sanctuary where you can escape the chaos of the world. However, beneath the tranquillity lies a potential risk – the choice of a flat roof. In the UK 2023, this decision comes with its own set of drawbacks. Leaks and water damage, structural vulnerability, limited insulation options, and […]

What is the most economical roof pitch? UK

pitched_roofing_Farnborough roof maintenance

Looking for the ultimate, cost-saving roof pitch? Look no further. In this piece, we will reveal the most economical roof pitch for the UK in 2023. Discover the key factors that influence roof pitch economy, from building regulations to climate considerations. We’ll also compare various materials to help you find the most cost-effective option. Get […]