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A home’s exterior is incomplete without gutters, soffits, and fascia. Even though they may be unsightly, they serve a purpose. In addition to their aesthetic appeal, they prevent structural damage to your home. Furthermore, they keep moisture-related problems such as mould growth and pests away. Because of this, it is essential to make sure your roof is properly installed and maintained.

Fortis Roofing Systems has been providing quality roofing service in the Farnborough area for several years.

Located in Farnborough, we are a local roofing company specialising in installing, replacing, and repairing roofing systems. Roofing at our company is completely safe. All our roofers have the necessary training and insurance cover. We strive to build trust with our customers by ensuring 100% customer satisfaction.



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Keeping your home looking good is easy with our repairs and maintenance services.

Gutters, soffits and facias are essential elements of your roofline. These structures protect your home from rainwater and other forms of precipitation. However, over time, they tend to deteriorate and become worn out. When this happens, they start leaking, causing damage to your walls and ceilings.
To keep your roof intact, regular inspections are required. In fact, most homeowners neglect their gutters until there’s an issue. That’s why it’s vital to check them regularly. A professional inspection by our specialists will reveal whether there are cracks or holes in your gutters. Once identified, we can suggest ways to address the problem. Our professionals use high-quality materials and tools when they carry out repairs. All of this ensures that your property remains safe and secure.

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Guttering, Soffits, and Fascia
Services in Farnborough

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We offer gutter cleaning services, soffit repair, fascia board replacement, and more. Our team will inspect all aspects of your property’s exterior. Our expert technicians can provide you with an estimate before any repairs or replacements take place. We also ensure that everything is done correctly and safely. Here is how we differ from our competitors:

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Installing the entire roofing system, such as gutters, soffits and fascia, can be pretty complicated. Furthermore, there is a risk of personal injury, and if something goes wrong, your house might be seriously damaged. So, only an experienced contractor should handle it.

We at Fortis Roofing have the expertise, knowledge, and equipment needed to complete the installation process quickly and efficiently. To ensure perfection, our roofers take all the necessary precautions. You can count on our experts to help you select the right roofline product based on the roof design. Depending on your house’s style and budget, we can install various roofs, including vinyl, steel, copper, aluminium, and more. For the perfect fit, we also provide made-to-measure parts. Furthermore, all our workmanship is guaranteed, and all our services come with manufacturer’s warranties.

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We can also replace your old roofing system so that you can make your house look more attractive, in addition to installing a new roof. The fascia and soffit of your home may have to be replaced in specific instances, along with your gutter system. Here are some signs to watch out for:

If you see any of these warning signs, contact our team right away. We can identify the problem and determine if it needs to be replaced or repaired. It is important to remember that waiting too long may worsen the situation. We also provide a lead roofing service.

What Are Gutters, Soffit and Fascias?

A gutter is a channel that carries water away from a roof surface to the ground. It is most commonly made of metal and is installed along the edge of the roof. Gutter systems are typically installed along the edge of the roof and are usually made of metal. These systems function by collecting water from roof surfaces and carrying this water away from the building to the ground. A gutter system is often used in conjunction with a downspout that channels rainwater away from the building’s foundation.


Soffit is part of the exterior wall that hangs out between the outer wall and any overlying structure such as a deck, porch, or walkway. Soffits are used for ventilation purposes on the exterior of a home. Soffits are also used for aesthetic reasons, and generally have a fascia at their bottom edge.

Fascia is a decorative moulding that can be found around windows, doors, and other architectural features. Fascia boards are used to cover the area where the fascia transitions into more vertical surfaces.

Gutter, soffits and fascia come in a variety of colours. You can choose the one that suits your home.

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Fortis Roofing has been providing top-notch roofing services in the Farnborough area for a long time. With years of experience under our belt, we understand what works best for each client. We offer a wide range of cost-effective solutions to fix your leaky gutters, soffit and fascia. Whether you need a simple cleaning or complete replacement, we do everything possible to meet your expectations.Call us now to schedule an appointment.