Do I need planning permission to replace gutters? UK

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Considering replacing gutters in the UK? Before diving into the project, it’s important to know whether planning permission is required. In 2023, the regulations regarding gutter replacements have specific requirements. This introduction will guide you through the process, helping you understand when planning permission is necessary and how to navigate the rules. With expert advice, […]

Do you need scaffolding to replace guttering? UK

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Do you know that replacing guttering requires careful consideration of safety measures? In the UK in 2023, 80% of guttering replacement projects require the use of scaffolding for optimal safety. It is crucial to assess the condition of your existing guttering and explore alternatives to scaffolding. Hiring roofers who specialize in both scaffolding and guttering […]

How long does it take to replace a commercial roof? UK

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Imagine you’re standing beneath a leaky roof, watching as water drips steadily onto the floor. Frustration mounts as you wonder: How long will it take to replace this commercial roof? The UK in 2023 brings new challenges and opportunities for roof replacement projects. From factors affecting duration to weather challenges, proper planning is key. We’ll […]

How long can you leave a roof leak unattended? UK

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You’ve noticed that drip-drip-drip sound coming from above. It’s tempting to ignore it, but how long can you let a roof leak go? In the UK of 2023, the answer is clear: a very short time. Ignoring a roof leak can have dangerous consequences for your property and your health. From mould and mildew to […]

Who is responsible for the roof on commercial property? UK

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You’re about to discover the truth about the responsibility for commercial property roofs in the UK in 2023. Hold on tight as we explore the legal framework, evolving regulations, and the roles of property owners, tenants, and management companies. Get ready for a journey of knowledge and gain a clear understanding of who is responsible […]

What to look for when hiring a roofer? UK

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Looking to hire a roofer? Don’t let the process overwhelm you. Picture this: you’re standing under a leaky roof, buckets scattered around, and frustration mounting. But fear not! With a little guidance, finding the right roofer can be a breeze. We’ll walk you through the key factors to consider when hiring a roofer in the […]

What is the most common roof type? UK


Looking to upgrade your roof? In the UK of 2023, you might be wondering: what is the most common roof type? Well, let’s break it down for you. From the traditional pitched roof to the modern flat roof, there are a variety of options to choose from. But which one reigns supreme? Join us as […]

Do I need planning permission to install a skylight in my roof? UK

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Do you dream of adding a skylight to your roof, but unsure if planning permission is required? Understanding the regulations surrounding skylight installation in the UK in 2023 is crucial. This article provides the knowledge and guidance needed. Learn about permitted development rights, factors determining the need for planning permission, and the process of applying […]

Can you repair just a section of a roof? UK


Did you know that in the UK in 2023, over 60% of homeowners faced the dilemma of whether to repair just a section of their roof? If you find yourself in a similar situation, you’re not alone. Before making a decision, it’s important to understand the benefits, factors to consider, and common types of roof […]

How much does it cost to install a Velux window? UK


So, you’re thinking about installing a Velux window in your home. Well, you’ve come to the perfect place! In this piece, we’ll explore the detailed costs of getting that stunning window installed. From materials to labour expenses, we’ll cover everything you need to know. Plus, we’ll provide some useful tips to help you save money […]